How can you manage backups in Firebase-Firestore

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gcloud config set project PROJECT_NAME
gcloud alpha firestore export gs://BUCKET_NAME
  1. You will have to create a new bucket corresponding to your project and give permissions to your bucket.
  2. While creating bucket make sure your location supports import/export of data. You can select Multi Region with US.
  3. Make sure you choose the correct bucket type depending on your requirement. I would Nearline for storing backups. You can read more about the storage classes and their pricing before deciding.
  4. Now we must make sure that our cloud function can run data exports by granting our service account the Datastore Import Export Admin role. This can be done using GCP IAM interface or from the command line :
gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding yourproject \
--member \
--role roles/datastore.importExportAdmin
firebase deploy --only functions:scheduledFirestoreExport
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Srijan Shrestha

Srijan Shrestha

Developer | Thinker | Learner

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